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12 Frog Island, North Bridge Place, Leicester LE3 5AG

We are based at Frog Island in Leicester, which, according to Wikipedia, ‘lies to the north of central Leicester, and to the south of the River Soar and Leicester Abbey. The site was not an island before the late-eighteenth century, but was created as such upon the completion of the improved Soar Navigation between Loughborough and Leicester in 1794. The Navigation involved constructing a new section of canal to by-pass a meander in the River Soar. The area enclosed by the River Soar and the canal is Frog Island. The road which crosses the island is also named ‘Frog Island’.

And no, we don’t know why it’s called Frog Island either. Although we like to think it’s because before 1877 the area was too marshy to put buildings on and was, presumably, overrun with frogs.  

This is why you will see the local Deaf community refer to the Deaf Centre as ‘Frog’ or Frog Island. They have created their own unique sign name for it. 

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